Save Money with Genpak Unique Take-Out Packaging

Foam Hinged Container
SKU rationalization has become increasingly important to restaurateurs these days.  The ability to reduce the number of packaging items needed to serve food while maintaining functionality is critical.  
Our new 203CO excels in this regard.  The unique close-off lid completely eliminates the need for those small side containers.  That is up to four sku's & 15 cents per meal (depending on the size/style & quantity side cup used) that could be saved!  

You can quickly do the math and realize the annual savings could be significant.

Benefits include:
  • Large 9" x 9" profile accommodates full meal presentations
  • Genpak only, close off lid completely seals and separates each compartment preventing your meal from becoming a stew
  • Stacking rim on lid allows for multiple meals to go
  • Vented lid over entree section available
Stock Number Description Color Pcs/Cs Lb/Cs Cube
203CO Large hinged, close off lid container White Black 200 8.8 4.3
203CO-V* Large vented hinged, close off lid container White Black 200 8.8 4.3
* Minimum order quantity may apply
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