Bakery Packaging from Genpak

Unmatched in quality, Genpak bakery packaging is considered best in class!

Whether your bakery needs are oven ready pans or packaging for display only, Genpak bakery products cannot be beat.

Oven Ready Bakery Packaging

  • Full range of configurations including muffin pans, angel food pans, cake pans, specialty pans and so much more
  • Produced from #1 curb-side recyclable material
  • Oven safe up to 400° F
  • Freezer safe down to -15° F
  • Crystal clear over-cap lids allow for beautiful retail shelf display
  • Fill, freeze, ship & bake all in one package 
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Clear Hinged Bakery Packaging

  • Hinged packaging available for pies, cookies, breads, eclairs, muffins and so much more
  • Produced with 30% post consumer recycled content
  • #1 curb-side recyclable
  • Full 360° seal keeps products fresh longer
  • Patented hinged design allows for multiple opening and closing
  • Our products will never crack or dent unlike cheap alternatives
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