Foam Foodservice Packaging

Foam foodservice items are some of the most widely used products within the industry...and for good reason. Check out this seemingly never ending list of benefits of using foam foodservice products like those pictured here!

  • Superior insulation properties - nothing can compare to foam for keep you hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
  • Cost - compared to packaging made from alternative materials, nothing can come close to the cost of foamed foodservice products
  • Less raw materials - foamed foodservice products are 98% air.  Feedstock is converted into finished products that are 32 times its original volume and virtually no water is needed in production
  • Less energy to produce - foam foodservice products require HALF the total energy required to produce when compared to equivalent sized, wax-coated paperboard products
  • Landfill safe - should the end of life scenario be a landfill, foam products are stable and will not produce leachates or greenhouse gases. (note foam foodservice products account for less than 1% of all landfill waste)
  • Support US jobs - foam foodservice manufacturing supports over 20,000 domestic jobs.  Consider many alternative products are not made in the US.
  • Safe - foam foodservice products meet strict U.S. FDA standards for food contact and have been safely used for over 40 years
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